Employment Law and the Current COVID-19 Crisis

The laws are changing rapidly in the current pandemic/crisis. Therefore, the legal issues discussed here are subject to constant change. It is best to consult with your counsel concerning any specific legal advice you may have.

We are living in interesting times, with, it seems, daily changes and challenges for employers under the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.  Businesses are trying to do more with less—or are shuttering altogether where restrictions have been imposed on their operations.  Many employment laws are implicated in the down-sizing, right-sizing, furloughing and laying off being contemplated and implemented.  Wage and hour laws, lay-off notice laws, discrimination laws and others can impact employer actions. While trying to act swiftly to preserve business operations, employers need to be sure to comply with the various applicable laws.


As employers are looking to protect their employees and their property, our experienced employment lawyers work with our clients to protect their interests. Whether it is assisting with policy drafting, establishing best practices, or coordinating with industry workplace safety experts, we ensure that our clients have the necessary policies and practices in place to best protect their business based on their industry, company culture, and the laws applicable to the places where their employees work. Our services include:

  1. Training for management on the policies a company needs and how to implement them;
  2. Providing phone and email guidance on the implementation and interpretation of policies, both generally and in specific situations;
  3. Addressing day-to-day situations as they arise, such as the discovery of workplace theft or an incidence of workplace violence, and providing appropriate legal guidance;
  4. Connecting you with industry experts, such as outside workplace safety experts, where necessary.


When employees are injured in the course of their employment, the majority of those bodily injury claims are going to be covered under an employer’s workers’ compensation policies. However, in certain situations, employees may assert other types of tort claims asserting that their injury was caused, for example, by the employer failing to supervise another employee or failing to prevent intentional harm caused to an employee. We defend employers from such types of claims.

Similarly, when employers’ assets are threatened or harmed, we assist our clients with proactive measures against employees who have taken confidential information, trade secrets, or tangible property by bringing court actions for temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions. Should a business find itself on the receiving end of such a litigation from another company, we can assist in that defense. Our services include:

  1. Initiating claims in state and federal courts to protect stolen information and property, and to stop employees from violating confidentiality and other agreements;
  2. Defending against similar claims from other businesses;
  3. Defending against employee claims arising from workplace injuries or workplace violence;
  4. Assisting with internal investigations of current-employee claims.