In-House Counsel Subscription™

Most businesses likely do not have an in-house employment law team—but likely need one, given the current and rapidly changing employment environment and legislation.  This is why Greenwald Doherty created an innovative in-­house counsel program — to allow our experienced employment law attorneys to serve in that role for you, providing your company with an expansive knowledge and power of a dedicated legal team at a fixed, manageable cost.  These monthly, flat-­fee programs offer unlimited assistance and an unparalleled depth of service for one set fee based on number of factors.

We routinely work with clients on:

  • Answering the day to day employment law questions
  • Reviewing human resources documents and letters
  • Updating and drafting human resources agreements and policies
  • Review and assist in maintaining compliance efforts
  • Creating communications towards employees regarding new laws
  • In-house training

Ensuring all of your compliance needs are efficiently addressed by our attorneys, these programs offer more than comprehensive employment law counsel: they offer peace of mind—providing companies with the legal security and cost certainty to operate their businesses at maximum capacity to meet their revenue goals.

For more information on how we can partner with your company, please email